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Marriage Therapy & Couples Counseling
Bella Vista, Arkansas and Bentonville, Arkansas.

Most of us in the Bella Vista/ Bentonville area are new to Arkansas.
Maybe you studied at the University of Arkansas.
Maybe you just got a job at J.B. Hunt or at the Wal-Mart Home office.

Maybe you just came for the Ozarks and The Back 40 mountain bike trails.

Either way, being new to an area, you may not know where to turn for couples counseling or marriage therapy

Here's an overview of what you can expect in our couples therapy:

Step 1: Understand each other.

We work so partners can see the other's point of view an intentions.

We don't want them looking at you as though you're the bad guy.

Step 2: Own your part.

We help both partners see their role in the fights.

Once you can see your role more clearly, then it's easier to stop and do something more productive.

Step 3: Resolve the issue.

We help you work together to resolve issues.

Once you're working together, it's much easier to resolve issues with kids, sex, money, in laws, or step parents. 

My promise to you:

In our session I won't judge you. I know you're doing your best.

You've probably made a few mistakes, but you're not a bad person. 

Let's work together so we can get you the relationship you've been longing for.

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