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Find peace and connection again. 

Couples counseling and hypnotherapy for Bella Vista, Bentonville, & Fayetteville 

You've been struggling with anxiety for a while now. 

Maybe you feel hopeless.

Maybe you're exhausted from constantly worrying.

Maybe the you've tried, but somehow still failed to stop it.

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The worse part is how alone you feel.

Maybe you're worried you're a burden.

Maybe you're controlling of your partner (and hate yourself for it).

Maybe you're harder on yourself than anyone knows.

Maybe, part of you is afraid to give up the fear. So much has happened.

But you know if you don't, you could lose everything.

You deserve to feel calm, connected, and loved. 

Working as a counselor for 10 years, I've worked with hundreds of people in your same situation. 

Imagine living your life from a place of freedom, certainty, and confidence.

Take the first step.

When you reach out I'll get back to you in within 1 business day.

That's a promise.

Sometimes Individual therapy is best.

 Maybe it's confusing to you why you feel this way.

Maybe you had a traumatic childhood that you still struggle with. 

Let's work 1 on 1 to get clarity and help you find closure. 

Sometimes couple therapy is best.

Maybe the distance and lack of communication between you and your partner causes the anxiety. 

Let's work as a team so you can feel connected and supported.


  • You're only telehealth? Is that effective?


Most clients report that telehealth is just as impactful as face to face therapy. It's also more convenient. You don't have to spend 30 minutes driving to your appointment and then 30 minutes driving back to work.  

  • Do you take my insurance?


I take insurance for individuals.

I'm in network for most Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans.


You'll enter your insurance information when complete your intake paperwork.


I'll use that information run your benefits before our first session. 

  • Do you take insurance for couples counseling?


I don't accept insurance for couples counseling. Couples counseling is rarely covered by insurance plans anyway.

However, I'm happy to send you a superbill so you can self submit sessions to your insurance if you wish.

  • How long are sessions?


Typically sessions are 53 minutes.

  • What model/approach do you use?


I use a combination of Gottman Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy - both of which are the gold standard in couples therapy.

  • What do we do in therapy?​


The goal of therapy is to help improve your communication skills. 


The goal of therapy is to find ways to talk about your problems and fears so that you walk away deeply heard and safety connected. 


We want you to feel more connected after talking about your feelings, not less. 

Due to the high number of clients I currently carry, I no longer maintain a waitlist. 


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