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Couples Therapy

The distance is unbearable and the fighting makes you sick. 

Maybe you didn't think it would be this hard. You keep trying to address the problem, but your partner just shuts down. So you get quiet hoping they'll notice, but the whole time you're waiting you're suffocating inside. It's like this heavy pressure is closing in and you just want to scream. 

Maybe you feel like your failing. Your partner thinks you don't care, but they can't see how the fighting eats you up. Whenever you try to fix it, things have only gotten worse. So you've learned to be quiet. To not rock the boat. And still, that makes things worse. The feelings of defeat are crushing.


What if there's hope?


  • Imagine rekindling the connection you felt at the beginning.

  • Imagine late night conversations of deep connection. 

  • Imagine knowing one person in the whole world has your back. Completely. Totally.

  • Imagine telling your darkest secrets and have certainty that you're seen and loved. 


Let's work together.

It can be intimidating to start couples therapy. You think, will my therapist take sides? Will he be able to help us?

I want you to know that when we have our sessions I'm going to give you everything I've got. That's a promise. 

There's not going to be any blaming. No shaming. No catch the bad guy. We're going to work together so that your relationship can be like it used to be, like it's supposed to be.

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