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Tell me more about the process.

You'll send me an email or give me a call.​
I'll contact you within 24 hours and we'll set our session. I'll also send you a personality test so you can immediately begin understanding yourself on a deeper level.

The morning of our session I'll send you an email with our telehealth link and other need to know information. 
Our first session is all about getting to know you.
We'll spend this session learning your special concerns and unique perspectives. We'll examine how your anxiety makes sense given your history. This session is all about using a structured process to understand you on a deep level.

I'll also send you one of the top books on working with anxiety so you can begin taking actionable steps towards improving your relationship. 
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Our second session is all about making a concrete plan and tailoring hypnosis.

We'll use the first half session to get crystal clear on your goals and actionable steps you can take towards reducing hypnosis. Then we'll use the second half to give you a gentle introduction into hypnosis.
The third session and beyond? 
In session three and beyond we'll use hypnosis to practice practical skills for reducing hypnosis and helping you regain control of your thoughts. 
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